Day Trips in Fez

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Fez is an amazing potpourri of ancient historical remains, vibrant kazbahs, rare spices and a striking mountain landscape. Here are some of the best day trip options from this grand Moroccan hotspot.


Rabat is a beautiful mesh of Islamic and European culture and is one of Morocco’s most stunning imperial regions. The city is enchantingly landscaped with several imposing palaces, dramatic mosques, pristine lakes and breathtaking granaries. There are a few ancient stables and unfinished walls at Moulay Ismail that started construction more than fifty years ago.  

Roman ruins at Volubilis

Drive through the thrilling Saiss Plain to visit one of the most revered heritage sites in the region, the Roman ruins at Volubilis. The architectural miracle features imposing mansions and exceptionally beautiful mosaic pattens along with skillful arch structures and quintessentially Corinthian columns. There are several illustrations of the Roman lifestyle and cultural mores including the Labors of Hercules, the Baths of Forum and Gallienus and the Orpheus House. The Gordian Palace is also a marvelous structure that houses pooled courtyards, bath houses, a charming Knight’s House and the Triumphal Arch.


Meknes has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with good reason. The Bab Mansour is a splendid gateway and one of the finest examples of fine architectural craftsmanship. The old Arabic stables that are straight out of fables of exotic, mystical lands are a must see for their fantasy appeal. They were built by Moulay Ismail’s soldiers and are nestled adjacent to a conduit of underground channels that experience a lush flow of water from the Middle Atlas Mountains. Moulay Ismail Mausoleum and Place el Hedim are must visit stables, where the most handpicked Arabo-Berber horses are bred.

Fes Medina

Visit the Fes Medina and take a walking tour of the ancient Street of Dyers and the brass workers settlements at es Seffarine along with other complex and bustling paths of the vibrant es-Sebbaghine. The el-Quarawiyyin Moque is a perfect illustration of intricate architecture and the pungent smelling spice and vegetable market of el Atterine is worth visiting for picking up fresh local produce and rich regional condiments. The Draz quarters and striking Atterine Medersa are other super inclusions in the day trip itinerary of Fez Medina    

Fez’s surrounding regions are as historically, culturally and naturally endowed as the picturesque city itself and offer innumerable day trip opportunities to visitors keen on discovering Morocco’s hidden charm.

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Excursion to the Middle Atlas, Imozzer, Ifrane y Azrou

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An introduction to the diversity of the Middle Atlas towns, while you discover rustic Berber villages. Stop off at Ifrane for a look at Morocco's 'Switzerland' and continue on to the caves at Bahalil before finishing off the day with a stop at the quaint village of seffrou known for it's arts and crafts.visite the forest of cedars (cedar of Gourault) and the lake Dait Aoua.

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