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Olive Shop in Fes

Olive Shop in Fes

Donna Gregory

It's hard to get your grip on Fez. This may be partly because there are three towns in Fez: the two ancient walled areas — Fes-l-Bali (the old town) and Fes-l-Jdid (the new town) — and the more modern French-built Ville Nouvelle.

But let this not scare you! Fez is one of the best sights in the world. The walled cities are the main attraction of Fez. The whole old city of Fez has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The immense medina of Fes-l-Bali is a huge labyrinth. In order not to get lost it is best to keep in mind that when you walk down you go towards the center, when you walk up, you leave the center.

The gates that are part of the walls are part of some amazing architecture. Within the walls you should at least try to find the Medersa Attarine, the Medersa Cherratine and Medersa Seffarine, three stunning old buildings near the center of the maze. The other thing you shouldn't miss is the people at work in the median: coppersmith, tanners, dyers. Spectacular colours and lousy working conditions make for great pictures.

Just outside the walls are two good museums—Borj Nord (exhibiting weapons) and Dar Batha (Moroccan arts)—and the Royal Palace.

The amazing hammams are also worth it for a unique view into the local culture, especially for women. The hammam is the place for women to meet and gossip amidst the steamy rooms tiled with beautiful islamic designs.

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