Festivals in Morocco

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Tamagroute Potters

Tamagroute Potters

Alecia J. Cohen

Traditional Handicrafts Festival, Sponsored by Peace Corps

Zagora/May 24-27th

Zagora is the first main city on the way to the Sahara Desert.  Artisans from all over Morocco will be traveling to Zambia to show their products - ranging from wood carvings, traditional silver jewelry, Moroccan Silk handwoven hammocks, embroidery, to pottery decorated with henna. There are many beautiful hotels nestled in the palmary where one can relax by the pool between outings.  

Almond Blossom Festival

Tafraout/2nd Week in February

The Tafraout Valley, where almond-trees reign supremely, is enchanting to the eye at blossom time. Ranging from immaculate to blushing pink, the blooms do not last for a very long time. This brief existence makes them even more attractive, drawing more and more visitors to face this spectacle.

Wax Lantern Festival

Sale/Eve of Mouloud

The white town of Sale, twin sister of Rabat on the Bouregreg estuary, has preserved one of Morocco's most picturesque traditions; the wax lantern procession or 'Mawkib Esh Shomouaa'. The procession is said to date back to the Barbary period in Sale, when the Corsairs carried wax lanterns in procession to the sanctuary of Sidi Abdallah Ben Hassoun, the town's patron to implore his protection before a long voyage. This tradition has become a beautiful and entertaining event.

Rose Festival

Kelaa of M’Gouna (Ourzazate Province)/Mid-May

In this grandiose setting, the day is marked by numerous events like folk-dancing and singing, handicrafts exhibitions, ‘Diffa’-banquets in tents, flower-decked floats, the election of Miss Rose, camel-rides and a splendid excursion by bus from Ourzazate down the Valley of the Roses.

Cherry Festival

Sefrou (the Fez Province)/June June

A three-days’ festival of entertainment full of numerous sporting competitions, a fantasia, a torch-light procession, fairground and finally the election of Miss Cherry with a parade by her cortege.

Olive Festival

Rafai (Fez Province))/Mid-December

A very pretty festival where one can see the traditional olive-picking ceremony, numerous 'Diffa' feasts and folklore events in a surprisingly vast area of olive groves.

Honey Festival

Imouzer of Ida Ou Tanane (Agadir Province)/ In the beginning of May (Early May)

Argana is said to be the largest collective beehive in the world and also one of the most curious because of its construction, history and the way it is run. Most of the hives are made of split reed cylinders covered with clay. With the aid of a smoking brazier made out of baked earth, the bees and their queen are made to crawl out of the hive into a basket so that the honey can be classified as a historic monument.

Festival of Fiances

Imilchl Moussem/ 4th Week in September

Imilchl is a small high Atlas village at an altitude of 8,430 feet. For the young men and girls of the area, it is a tradition to get married on the day of the Moussem in ancient times. A holy man uses to bless the betrothed at Abdgoul and the legend goes that they will remain happy for the rest of their lives. The Finance Festival is staged on the site of the tomb of the old wise man, who is venerated in the High Atlas. It is a time for some 30,000 people from the mountains to assemble in tents for three days with their flocks, horses and camels. It is an occasion for the young girls to wear and show their finery, and their sumptuous silver jewelry and to dance the day and night away under the sun and the stars.

Date Festival

Erfoud/Early October

This magnificent festival is held annually in the Erfoud area where nearly a million date-palms grow. There is grown a wide range of types of dates. Take for instance the majestic palm-tree, waving lazily in the warm breeze providing shade and a livelihood. The peasants who cultivate them rely on them for almost everything.

Horse Festival

Tissa (the Fez Province)/October

The picturesque center of Tissa, located a few miles off the main road in the Fez province, is the site of a gigantic competition between the various horse breeds. Every year in October, hundreds of riders assemble wearing their finery to present their mounts. Prize-giving and festivities create a very animated scene.

Festival of Fantasia

Meknes/Beginning of September

This event offers thousands of horsemen and their mounts a chance to meet and display their skills. This festival has become a huge success.

Porcelin Festival

     Tissa/Ending of September

 This event is dedicated 100% to porcelin dolls, china jewlry, and other porcelin items. There will be demenstrations of how porcelin objects are made, painting  porcelin, engraving porcelin, and other porcelin activities. 

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Porcelin Festival

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  Ending of september. 

There will be shows dedicate to Porcelin dolls, china, jewlry, and other porcelin iteams. There will be demonstations on how to make, paint, and ingrave porcelin items.

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Camel Festival Jul 2008/Tan Tan Road, Goulimine

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Camel Festival Morocco
Camel Festival Morocco
photo by: www.Morocco-Travel-Agency.com

The people of Goulimine hold the Camel Festival once a year on top of their weekly Camel Fair that takes place every Saturday....The festival also offers the opportunity to witness the ritual dance of the Guedra music.

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Marrakech Festival des Arts Populaires

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Water Seller
Water Seller
photo by: www.saharasoultravel.com

The bustling city of Marrakech manages to cram in even more popular sights and sounds than it boasts already during the Marrakech Popular arts Festival. During this annual festival, the Djemaa el-Fna square and surrounding locations become the al-fresco venues for a wide variety of traditional folk arts from all over Morocco.

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date:2006: July 3 to 10
address:157 West 79th Street,Suite 12C

Gnawa Festival/Essaouira, June

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Gnawa of Morocco
Gnawa of Morocco
photo by: www.Morocco-Travel-Agency.com

This annual festival in Essaouira Morocco is a 4 day celebration of the music of the descendants of African slaves of the country.  The town itself, on the Atlantic Coast, should be visited regardless because of its relaxed atmosphere, wonderful instruments, herb/spice souks, and other local products like the Argan Nut Oil, as well as its ramparts, and lovely beach with countless fresh fish stalls.  The festival itself is quite lively and popular with the youth of the country and the music is very unique.  Chiming cymbals, twangy string instruments complement more..

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date:Late June - Early July
address:Essaouira Morocco
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