Sultan's Palace

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I really love visiting this old ruin. The whole area has quite a history, but not and exact one. As with most things here, each person you ask seems to have a different story to tell about any one thing. A guy who works at the Ocean Vagabond told me it was Jimi Hendrix’s house, of all things. The guy’s at my French school told me that is was built in the 1700 by big sultan in the area. He was the ruler of Mogador and, at the time, the River Ksab actually flowed on the Diabet side of the Palace. Whatever the history, the palace has a wonderful view of Essaouira, the Isle de Mogador and the Atlantic. Be sure to wander around and stick your head into all of the old buildings.

Directions: Walk down Essaouira Beach towards the Ruin on the Beach (The Castle Made of Sand). When you reach the river, you will see the Sultan’s Palace on a hill on the left just on the other side of the river. Cross the river (easiest at high tide, if river is too deep to cross to will have to go around to the bridge near Diabet) and there are many little trails that lead to the Castle. Of course, you can always just hire a camel!

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