Fish Market

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Essaouira was the first commercial fishing port in Morocco and it was built around 1875.

No trip to Essaouira would be complete with a walk around the port to look at all of the boats and busy fishermen. If you want to see the fish, the very best place is the Government Fish Weigh Station and Auction House, otherwise known as the Fish Market. All of the fish that are caught by the Essaouira fleet are brought to the market to be weighed, taxed and then sold. If you are lucky, and you go late in the afternoon when lots of boats have come in, the fish market will be packed with fish and fishermen. The auctions are held in the center of the big room. Each batch of fish is clearly marked with weight, the buyers stand outside the circle yelling, and the guy in the white jacket takes the bids. Very exciting! I have seen at least 30 different kinds of fish in the market including several kinds of sharks. Being a surfer, I’m always interested in the ones with sharp teeth!

Directions: Walk towards the port from the Place Moulay Hassan. About the same time that the sea wall on the right ends, look left and you will see the outdoor fish market. Turn left down that street and about 20 feet on the right you will see big metal doors. No sign, just go right in. The main scale is just through the doors.

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