Gnawas festival

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Gnawas are traditional (black - most of the time) singers that used to perform on parties called "Lila" . Their performances are very spectacular. Due to their former slavery, rythmic trance like music and mystical influences are important elements of their show. Once a year there is Gnawas festival in Essaouira (generally at the end of spring ~ June 18th for 3 or 4 days). If you are around, check it out.

For those who are interested in Gnawas Music, Great Gnawas M'allems/Masters have recorded CD's. We recommend : H'mida BOUSSOU, Mohammed CHAOUKI, Mahmoud L'GUINIA, Mohammad ZOURHBAT, Hassan HAKMOUN, PACO - Nass El Ghiwane... See also Randy Weston's "The splendid Master Gnawa Musicians of Morocco" and Ray LEMA "TYOUR GNAOUA". Wonderful !

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