Things to do in El Jadida

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Formerly known as Mazagan, the city of El Jadida sits on Atlantic coast of Morocco, and is an ancient port city. The whole of the ancient city has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, so there is much to be discovered here, and it is a popular tourist destination. Here are some El Jadida Things to Do.

Visit the Portuguese city

The main attraction of El Jadida is none other than the fortified walls of the Portuguese city that had been built in the approximately 200 years during which they controlled the city. The walls now stand as landmarks of the city – large, tall, stone-hewn walls that surround the city. Walk around the castle, and up the ramp that leads to the top part of the walls for a brilliant view of the port. Apart from the walls, the fortress contains underground cisterns that are also an attraction. Formerly a water storage facility, the cisterna are constructed beautifully – tall arches with carvings fill the area, and amid the dampness of the air, a thin layer of water remains on the ground as proof of the cistern’s glory days. Also part of the ancient city are the three synagogues and a church, all of which were built during the Portuguese rule and are worth a look.

Spend a day at the beach

Being located right next to the sea, it is no surprise that beaches are popular here. The Moroccan sun can be intense, so the cool waters of the sea can be very inviting and welcoming. The downtown beach of Jadida is a popular spot, and is extremely convenient. The area is very tourist-friendly, complete with restaurants, bars and cafés around the beach to provide services to visitors. Those looking for something less touristy and far less crowded can head to the Houzia beaches, an extension of the Azmmore beach. Away from the city and the crowds of people, particularly in the summer, the beaches offer a reprieve from jostling. Do note that transport here is inconvenient, and it is necessary to make arrangements of your own. However, the promise of an isolated spot on a beach in an exotic little city should be enough to offset this, and promise an enjoyable afternoon in the sun, sand and waves.

See the fields

The main exports of the city remain agricultural – carrots, maize, eggs and chickpeas. It would be a good idea for visitors to head out of the city area into the country, where the crops are grown and the farmers are hard at work planting or harvesting, depending on the season. The diversity of crop in the city means that harvesting and planting can be seen throughout the year, so be sure to head down and take a look at how these food crops are brought from the farms into the supermarket, then see them on your plate in some of the restaurants in the nearby area that serve homecooked Moroccan food.

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