When to Go in El Jadida

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It's Best to Visit El Jadida in the Summer

Considering your El Jadida when to go options, keep in mind that the summer is the best season to visit the city. El Jadida is popular mainly as a beach resort and experiences a pleasant Mediterranean climate, which allows you to take advantage of the city beaches in the winter as well. However, rain frequently falls in the winter and it may stop you from taking the best of your holiday. Here are more details on the weather during both seasons.


The summer here offers dozens of sunny days, with high but not too hot temperatures. The best months are June and July, when temperatures hold steady levels of 26 degrees Celsius (almost 80 degrees Fahrenheit). At the same time almost no rain falls, so there is nothing to ruin your pleasant long days of swimming and sunbathing.


The winter months hold steady temperatures too, with average values of no less than 17 degrees Celsius (62 degrees Fahrenheit). Taking advantage of the beaches is possible in February, since there is no rain and the sea temperatures are a bit higher compared to the previous months. It is not a good idea to visit El Jadida in January and December, when you will experience rain during at least half of your stay. However, this may be a good time to see the nearby sights, since traveling around isn't very pleasant in the summer, due to the dry air.

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