Travel Guide in El Jadida

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Mysterious and exotic, this El Jadida Travel Guide will help you enjoy your trip to this Moroccan city. El Jadida is a small city located in the northern part of Morocco. Considered a getaway for locals, this quaint town is becoming a popular tourist attraction due to its beaches and historic landmarks, such as the old town and the cistern.


The city of El Jadida is accessed by bus and train. Travelers coming in from other countries should fly in to larger Moroccan cities, such as Agadir, Casablanca or Rabat. There are approximately three to five buses that depart from Agadir to El Jadida on a given day. If visitors are coming from Rabat or Casablanca, they will find fewer buses available. Trains depart from Casablanca and take about an hour and 30 minutes to arrive to El Jadida. Once in the city, getting around is mostly done on foot, as it takes little over an hour to walk from one end of El Jadida to the other.

Desert Tents

Moroccan visitors to El Jadida set up tents at the campsite that is located on the northeast part of town. However, there is a 5-star hotel, the Mazagan Beach Resort that will be able to accommodate over 500 guests.


Tourists shouldn’t leave El Jadida without a visit to the Old Portuguese town, also known as Mazagan. This is where the original settlement was located. A fortified town that includes many churches, mosques and synagogues, this part of the city attracts both tourists and street vendors. Visitors should also take a stroll to the Old Harbor by walking along the ramparts of Mazagan. And, another popular attraction is the Portuguese cistern.


There are several small western-style restaurants along the oceanfront as well as in the center of town, where you will also find a large café. This well-known café is located near the entrance to Medina and serves delicious mint tea. Other cafes and lounges are found throughout the northern and central part of the city.

Local Fishing

El Jadida is also known for its fishing industry. So, it is not unusual to find tourists who enjoy a fishing trip with local fishermen. Visitors can also enjoy a day at the marketplace located outside the walls of Mazagan.

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