Top 5 Must Do's in El Jadida

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Explore the following top 5 El Jadida Must Do’s. Seated by the coast of Morocco, the little town of El Jadida is bursting with things to do as the tourism industry develops and flourishes.

1. Visit the Portuguese city

The UNESCO World Heritage site of the ancient walls of the Portuguese city is the main feature and landmark of El Jadida. Prior to the modern day establishment, El Jadida was the former Portuguese settlement of Mazagan, and the walls that were erected to protect the city still stand today. There is much to explore here – above the ground there are the stone-hewn walls, synagogues and a church to see, while underground, remains of the ancient cisterna still exist, complete with elaborate arches and a thin film of water on the ground that is reminiscent of the city’s colonial days.

2. Go down to the beach

Surrounded by the sea, the beaches of El Jadida are worth a visit for any tourist. The downtown beach is very popular for visitors, and the area is conveniently surrounded by bars, restaurants and cafés that promise anyone a good time with the waves and sand in the day, and excellent food and chill-out spots when evening comes around. Those looking for slightly less touristy spots can always opt for one of the many beaches in the outskirt areas that are more secluded and isolated.

3. See the crop fields

The main crop of El Jadida includes the Moroccan specialty of chickpeas, as well as eggs, maize and carrots. The farms in the outskirt areas are a great way to spend a day, especially for those bringing along little ones. The larger farms provide tours and during the various crop seasons, provide a picking session that is popular among families bringing along children.

4. Taste Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan cuisine can be very diverse, from rich stews with spices to light breads and cheeses that can be eaten simply with a drizzle of olive oil. Much of the better restaurants are concentrated in the city center, and the array of colors and smells in the food is very inviting. Those willing to splurge can opt for themed Moroccan restaurants that have diners eating out of what seems to be like a Moroccan tent. Adventurous eaters can head out of the city into little homegrown restaurants located in farms and family homes, serving up very authentic Moroccan home-cooked food at a very low price.

5. Meet the people

The people in El Jadida can be incredibly friendly and inviting to anyone who is willing to hold a conversation with them. Being a tourist establishment, the people are very used to foreigners being in the city, and many speak at least a smattering of English – enough to provide directions to anyone who happens to be lost. Sit by a café and start a conversation with someone sitting at the next table. With the city’s rich heritage and culture, the conversation is sure to be interesting.

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