Sights in El Jadida

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In the port city of El Jadida in Morocco, one can find a good number of El Jadida Sights to see. Since the Portuguese captured El Jadida in 1502, you will notice that this city has a lot of Portuguese elements. Interestingly, this city which was previously known as Mazagan, has been added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. There are lots of places to visit if you happen to be visiting El Jadida. Here are the top sightseeing zones in El Jadida.

The Manueline Cistern

This awe-inspiring old-world structure was designed by Joao Castilho. Once you enter the Cistern, you will be taken aback by the amazing interior of the building, complete with gigantic arches. But the most interesting sight when you are in the Manueline Cistern is the thin layer of water that covers the entire floor area, creating intricate reflections of the columns and pillars. It may be of interest to know that the Manueline Cistern was filmed in the movie "Othello."

El Jadida Beaches

El Jadida has many beautiful beaches to discover, most of which are packed to the hilt during the summer months. Besides the obvious scenic beauty, one can also indulge in meeting new people from different cultures at the many bars and promenades situated on El Jadida's beaches. The town beach is the most popular of the lot and is safe for swimming. But if you are looking out for a different view, then head to the Plage Sidi Bouzid or the Phare Sidi Ouafi beach. Here you will be able to notice a number of plush houses and fancy restaurants.

Attractions around the town

The town of El Jadida is a sight in itself. If you walk or cycle around, you will best be able to take in the Renaissance-period structures and great architecture. You will also be able to explore a good number of churches, synagogues and mosques. It may be of interest to know that El Jadida houses the world's one and only pentagonal minaret.

The Old Harbour

In the historic town of El Jadida lies the famous Old Harbour. Surrounding this ancient fortress-like structure is the calm sea and this was the main reason for El Jadida becoming a famous port. One can get a superb view from various points on the Sea Gate. To enter this tourist structure one does not need to shell out any money for admission. It is open on a daily basis from 9:00 a.m. through 6:30 p.m.


The village of Medina is one that should not be given a skip on any tourists' itinerary. It is a sleepy, old town which has a very European feel to it. The village houses a couple of quaint churches that dot the village's winding lanes.

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