Practical Information in El Jadida

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Tips and Tidbits on El Jadida Travel

Here is some El Jadida practical information you can use while visiting this Moroccan city. The town of El Jadida is not the most popular tourist destination in Morocco, and there are not many attractions for travelers.

Make Sure You’re the Relaxing Type

The town of El Jadida is where wealthy urban city dwellers go for their spring break. There aren’t a lot of things to do and not many local attractions. There are a few good cafes on the block, and the beach is the primary source of activity and livelihood. So if you’re looking for a party, chances are you won’t find it in El Jadida. The town is meant for relaxing more than anything else. Stroll through the town center, drink some mint tea or just laze around their beaches and beachfronts. This is the true purpose of El Jadida.

Bring Some Extra Pocket Money

El Jadida is a small town with charming shops that aren’t always the most affordable considering resources are limited here. Unlike bigger Moroccan cities, the settings are more intimate, the food is better prepared and the accommodations are reminiscent of a bed and breakfast. Intimate settings sometimes mean higher prices, especially when most El Jadida residents know this is where most of the wealthy visit. 


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