Nightlife and Entertainment in El Jadida

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El Jadida is a port city in Morocco about a 100 kilometers south of Casablanca. One of the best kept secrets in Morocco, El Jadida Nightlife has no defined borders. People coming to the city can enjoy a beach bonfire or dine and dance at many of the restaurants and discos in El Jadida. The best place to enjoy these activities is on the coastal strip.


A big event in El Jadida is the circus that comes to town every August. The event begins with a large summer souk (market) opening downtown. Shoppers looking for bargains will find a number of choices at the souk. Every night there are concerts featuring new bands. The circus staff sets up a carnival for people to enjoy, complete with rides and games for people to enjoy. In addition, there are a number of animals native to North Africa that is showcased. The circus brings an air of excitement to this coastal town.

Medina Strip

The Medina Strip is the central boardwalk for El Jadida. A visitor to this strip will find a number of cafes and shops that are open into the night and a small street at the end. The street fair attracts many local tourists. It is a vibrant place with rides and small treats. The Medina is framed by the beach. For campers, this place is a great way to explore the city without having to go too far. One of El Jadida’s few drawbacks is its limited public transportation. People coming to this market can enjoy a club or have a dinner without having to go too far. Some of the Portuguese ruins are located at this street and are lit up at night. Couples looking for a romantic inexpensive evening can find it on the Medina Strip. Another perk of being so close to the beach is that people can enjoy a donkey ride along the shoreline after dining in the strip.

Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf and Spa and Hotel

The Pullman Mazagan Royal Golf Spa and Hotel is one of the nicest resorts in El Jadida. As there are limitations of El Jadida outside the coastal strip, resorts like the Pullman have filled up the gap in nightlife. The Pullman has four restaurants and two bars that provide evening dining and entertainment. The bars are have live music, and all the eateries have outdoor seating for people to enjoy the beach.

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