Getting Around in El Jadida

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Choose between Taxis and Walking when Staying at El Jadida

This El Jadida transportation guide will help you find the best way to get around the city. You will find that the main forms of transportation in El Jadida are taxis and walking. Here are some more details on both options.


Taxis are a very popular form of transportation in El Jadida. However, it may be really hard to catch one, since there are too many clients and not so many cars. Taxis running on the streets are often busy. A big portion of the vehicles are old Mercedes cars, capable of serving up to six passengers. There are smaller taxis, too. They can handle 3 passengers and have cheaper prices. Taxi meters aren't usually used, which is why you'd better negotiate the price prior to getting on board. Most drivers also tend to make the price up to three times higher for foreigners, so negotiating is a must. You'll have to communicate either in Arabic or in French, as other languages aren't widely spoken.


Being in the heart of the city, you don't really need any other form of transportation than walking. All major sights are situated very close to each other and not too far away from the center of El Jadida. In addition, all good restaurants and hotels are located here. That's why you will barely need to walk more than a kilometer per day. The beaches are a bit further, but still close enough to be reached by walking.

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