Festivals in El Jadida

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A Spectacular Religious Festival in El Jadida 

One of the major religious El Jadida festivals is the Moulay-Abdallah moussem. Morocco holds a number of cultural, film and music festivals each year, but this festival is of religious significance. 

Largest Festival in El Jadida 

Every year in July and August, nearly half a million people converge at the coast of the Atlantic, 9 kilometers from El Jadida, to celebrate one of the largest moussems in Morocco. The festivities are held on a gigantic scale with thousands of horses and horse riders, falconnery hunters, folk troupes, musicians and artists participating in the events. The visitors are put up in tents and camps near the city walls. The celebrations continue for several days, with each day’s program planned in advance. 

Spirit of the Festival 

The festival is celebrated to pay homage to the sacrifices of historical religious leaders who gave their lives for Islam. The celebration is also an expression of solidarity and patriotic feelings for the ancient land of Morocco. The site of the festivities is known as Mouley Abd Alaah Amgaar which is a place of great historical significance for the Moroccans. 

Remembering the Martyrs 

The festival is also a way for the nation to pay its respects to the soldiers of Morocco who laid down their lives and won freedom for their country. Participants in the festivities show their gratitude for their past leaders and hail them with their music and dance shows. The festival is famous for its colorful all-night shows which represent the finest culture and music of Morocco.

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