Eating Out in El Jadida

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Tasting the Culture of El Jadida

This Portuguese-influenced Moorish city has found a delightful way to express itself through cuisine and share it at delightful El Jadida restaurants. The city is an exporter of several raw materials like maize, chickpeas, almonds, beans, sugar, rice and tea, which end up in the dishes.

Ali Baba

Although its name is completely Moorish, the exterior and interior of this restaurant resemble a traditional French inn. The owner, Abdelouafi, personally takes care of the management of this restaurant, usually greeting guests as they enter. He even takes care of getting fresh ingredients every day from the market or straight from the fishermen to make sure the dishes are all fresh and just right for customers. Try their Espadon a la Palourde, Brochette mixte du pecheur and Lapin aux olives. Ali Baba is one of the oldest restaurants in El Jadida with about 20 years of service. It is a moderately priced restaurant with main dishes ranging from $12 to $14 per serving in summer 2010.


This restaurant serves fusion contemporary Moroccan cuisine found in one of the most popular beach resorts in El Jadida, Mazagan Beach Resort. Aside from their contemporary approach to traditional Moroccan favorites, they also pair their food with a great selection of Moroccan wines. The restaurant is an ideal place for a romantic dinner because of its intimate lighting and beautiful fixture details. Try the braised chicken, marinated beef and lamb or chicken served in chickpeas, onions and honey.

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