Day Trips in El Jadida

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Discover some of the beautiful places away from the Moroccan summer capital with El Jadida day trips. Most of the cities can be driven to from El Jadida, but take a train if you want to jump in right away.


This legendary city is 100 kilometers North of El Jadida. Although it has been featured in an epic movie of the same title, Casablanca today remains a simple and unassuming town with a small medina and few attractions. Nevertheless, Casablanca has its perks. Visit the biggest mosque in Morocco, the King Hassan II mosque. Pass by the Old Medina, where many interesting kiosks with shopping goods are found from hookahs, pottery, carpets and leather goods. Walk to the Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman which can be only accessed during low tide through Corniche. The best way to go to Casablanca from El Jadida is by driving.


The capital of Morocco is about an hour’s away from Casablanca or two hours from El Jadida. Although its counterpart, Casablanca, seems to be more romanticized, Rabat is more impressive visually. There are many attractions such as the Old Medina, the Chellah (an ancient city which has been invaded by birds and has since become an official bird sanctuary), the Kasbah and the National Archaeological Museum. Dessert shops and cafes are common in Rabat. It seems to be part of the lifestyle, so drop in for some mint tea or ice cream.


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