Beaches in El Jadida

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Morocco's port town of El Jadida, also known as Mazagan, constitutes many El Jadida Beaches. This is one of the reasons why a large number of tourists come here to enjoy the sunny beach life, along with the town's history and culture. El Jadidia's beaches are overly crowded during the summer months. Further, all of its beaches are abundant in marine life, perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. Here are the main beaches to visit when traveling to El Jadida.

El Jadida Town Beach

The townside beach of El Jadida stretches a long way across the town. It is the most popular beach for tourists and locals alike. One can find a good number of restaurants and bars here. Swimming is safe on this beach. However, it is not the cleanest beach in El Jadida. It is simply the most crowded and famous of the lot.

Phare Sidi Ouafi

If you are looking to enjoy a serene beach experience, complete with clear blue water and powdery white sand, then you should definitely head to the Phare Sidi Ouafi beach. This beach is broader when compared to other beaches in El Jadida. This beach is also safe for swimming. The beach houses many bars and cafes too.

Plage Sidi Bouzid

This beach is another alternative if you happen to tire of El Jadida's main town beach. Less crowded than others and much cleaner as well, the Plage Sidi Bouzid is a good choice if you want a different experience. You will also notice that the beach is lined with upscale bungalows and resorts, as well as fancy restaurants and bars.

Azemmour Plage

Azemmour Plage is one of those beaches that rarely every gets crowded with tourists and locals. It can be your perfect option if you wish to enjoy a peaceful nap on the beach, or even for sun tanning and swimming in its crystal clear water.


Deauville is yet another popular beach in El Jadida. The sea water is clear blue, while the sand is powdery white. Palm trees line the entire beach, offering good shade. There are a good number of beach umbrellas and lounge chairs set up on the beach. Many people come here to swim, but there are some who come here to enjoy a day of fishing. Other than these activities, the Deauville beach is perfect for sunbathing and surfing.

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