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accommodation in El Jadida

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There is a decent selection of hotels in El Jadida. Golf is popular here. Prices begin at a mid-range and some chain hotels are represented. Most El Jadida hotels are located on the Rt. 301 which is close to the water. Try a guest house or bed and breakfast if you are looking for a reasonable price and an amazing stay.

Ibis Moussafir El Jadida

Under $100 the Ibis Moussafir El Jadida is kept neat and clean.  It is a great value for hotels in El Jadida. This 3 star hotel is at the beach and you can request a room with a sea view. To get to Medina it takes 5 to 10 minute walking but there are delicious cafes at the beach too. Breakfast is yummy and service is acceptable.

Sofitel Royal Golf El Jadida

Perfect for golfers the Sofitel Royal Golf El Jadida is a 4 star accommodation. Nestled between the sea and a golf course some rooms have a splendid view. Sometimes upgrades are free if there are rooms available. The Sofitel Royal Golf El Jadida meets basic standards of quality. The swimming area is lovely and right on the course. There is no internet but there is a sauna, gym, ping pong tables and a playground for kids. There is not much to do except play golf here so if you are looking for nightlife you will be disappointed.

Rias Soleil D’Orient

If you want to have a personal and unique experience in El Jadida go to the Rias Soleil D’Orient. There are only six rooms and they look over a courtyard. It is very clean here and there is CNN, internet and air conditioning. Breakfast is included but must be scheduled. A delicious dinner can be served for you as well but costs extra. Parking is available.

La Villa David

Under $200 La Villa David offers a fantastic stay in El Jadida. Conveniently located, it is less than a five minute walk to the beach, Portuguese City and a local market. Each room is uniquely decorated. Some have flat screen TV’s and internet is available. Meals are fresh, hot and nothing short of terrific. The wine is good too.   

Dar Al Manar

Oh so relaxing is the Dar Al Manar bed and breakfast in El Jadida. This is the best place to stay the night before your flight. If you can stay two it is recommended. Run by a husband and wife the hospitality is warm and friendly.

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