Dakhla Travel Guide

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About 550 km south of El ayoune (al-Ayun) on the Atlantic Coast is the town of Dakhla (ed-Dakhla). This town was a Spanish outpost in colonial days. Today it doesn’t have a lot to attract visitors except for the possibility of crossing the Mauritanian border. This is where you get your paperwork done and say hello to real adventure: fear of land-mines makes traveling down the coast a unique experience. The atmosphere is military here, due to the Moroccan occupation of the territory so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the company of soldiers and have to explain your presence a couple of times.

Arrive one or two day before the army convoy leaves (on Friday and Tuesday) to obtain a laisser-passer from the Suretee. Carry repellent against the tsetse fly, they can be a problem in the area. Finally, you may not be able to return over land from Mauritania to the Western Sahara because, presently, the Mauritanian authorities don’t allow exit via land to Western Sahara due to the mine fields.

As you can imagine, a place with so many restrictions, is filled with possibilities and isolated beauty. The town itself is on a beautiful bay and 20 minutes away from beaches. If you have your own transportation, you may be able to find a beach with no foot-prints. Many roads are blocked off because of mine-fields, so finding the way is an adventure in itself. Always cooperate with the Moroccan authorities, if they inform you that you are in a restricted area, just leave.

Note: Not all military are concerned with following Islamic teachings, even though they may be Muslims.


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