Dades Gorge Travel Guide

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Absolute Morocco

Absolute Morocco

The Dades gorge is a spectacular place! It has a relaxed atmosphere, so you may want to recover if you’re in need of a rest from the daily hassle. The gorge is as interesting as the valley. The valley is wonderfully colorful as the green of the riverbed is surrounded by red, scarlet and carmine rocks and soil. It starts out rather wide and then narrows at Ait Oudinar.

The Kasbah of the Rocks is a mystical landscape of dark red eroded volcanic rocks. The beauty of this place is in its visual transformation as you change perspectives. From different angles and distances, the rocks transform in front of your eyes, in shape and form. The Kasbah is marked by the Cafe Meguirne, 14 km down the road. The kasbahs of the Ait-Atta look vulnerable and fragile as they lie under a massive volcanic rock formation. The kasbahs blend in perfectly with the soil and rocks. It is a perfect place to draw, sketch, write or have a pic-nic.

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