Things to do in Chaouen

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There are plenty to do in Chaouen. In spring until the beginning of July trekking in the area is great. In July and August the town and surroundings is a very hot place to be. Autumn until december is usually great and the winter can be freezing cold.

Trekking can be done from the town and up in various directions. One is to go down by the spring called Ras El Ma (the head of the water), which is where the very fresh water that Chaouen is so famous for, comes out of the mountain. From there there is a steep climb up between two peaks, and on the other side there is a wide valley and beautiful scenery. In town and in guidebooks like Lonely Planet you can find detailed treks for the whole area. For a day trek, I can recommend to take a grand taxi down to Akchour, which is half an hour by car from Chaouen. You go north and turn right at the junction for Oued Laou. After a while you take a right turn saying Talembote and Akchour, and then another to Akchour. You arrive at a national park of great beauty, at a place where two rivers meet. It is possible to swim there (cold) and there is a couple of cottages, which are rarely in use. But usually the old woman can provide tea, eggs, olives, olive oil and her own bread. Order that and say, that you will be back in an hour or two. There is a walk up along the river, that leads to a waterfall. It is a gorgeous place, and usually totally deserted. Another option is to trek up to a location called God's Bridge, a rock arch over a valley. A breathtaking place.

Also the town itself is a great place to hang around. A good place to get the feel of Morocco before traveling south. The attraction has always been the ambience of the place, which sadly is undergoing big changes, as more wealthy tourism arrives. The nearest beach in summer is at Oued Laou.

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