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accommodation in Chaouen

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Dar El Moualim

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Apartments and suite located in an ancient house in the heart of the Chaouen ancient medina. The house has been renovated following the traditional architectural style. We have try to decorate in a simply way, suitable to the environment, but with all the elements that make a house to be comfortable. Each apartment has two double rooms, a sitting room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, and a shared terrace. The suite has one double room, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and a private terrace with an astonishing view over the medina and the mountains around Chaouen. The more..

type:Lodging houses
World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:+34660 29 52 70
CostOfDoubleForANight:350 dirhams
address:Hay Al-Andalus; Rue Hassan I; Derb Sidi Bouchuka; Chefchaouen; 91000; Morocco