When to Go in Casablanca

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Morocco’s largest city, Casablanca, is also its industrial and commercial center. The country is internationally known because of the film that starred Ingrid Bergmann and Humphrey and foreign visitors usually come to the city for business reasons. The ‘Casablanca when to go’ guide lists the best times to visit the city for a vacation.


Casablanca experiences a warm Mediterranean weather all year round. The city has warm summers with the temperature averaging in the 70s and above. Spring and fall are cool with temperatures averaging between mid-60s to mid-70s and winter temperatures typically stay in the 60s. Casablanca can be visited throughout the year but the most popular months to visit are July and August when the weather is warm and schools are on vacation. Visiting the city in the beginning of summer, spring or fall can also be pleasurable because of the wonderful weather and lesser crowds.

International Video Arts Festival

Casablanca hosts several non-religious and cultural events and festivals throughout the year. One of the most popular and important festivals is the International Video Arts Festival which is normally celebrated in March. It is the city’s and the entire country’s symbol of recognition within a wider international context. The Université Hassan II – Mohammedia sponsors the festival while the Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines Ben M'sik hosts it.

Urban Culture on Stage

Another non-religious festival that Casablanca hosts is the Urban Culture on Stage. Its goal is to show one of the countless talented facets of the city. The festival exhibits new musical genres that have become a significant part of the city over a period of time. The Urban Culture on Stage is generally hosted at the Zafzaf Cultural Center during March each year, making it a spring festival. Numerous contemporary musical genres are demonstrated during this festival including Hip-Hop, Fusion and Rap.

Jazzablanca Festival

Celebrated in the month of April, the Jazzablanca Festival in Casablanca is the most adored festival in the city because it hosts the performances of several popular celebrities and performing artists from all over the globe. Annually hosted at the Megarama, the Jazzablanca Festival exhibits a variety of Jazz-based events in which spectators are also encouraged to participate. It lasts for over a week, drawing visitors not just from Morocco but from various parts of the planet.

Casablanca is still one of the most active tourist destinations in the country because of its warm and humid year-round climate. The most pleasurable times to visit the city would be during the many festivals and events that it hosts, which attract music and culture patrons from everywhere.

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