Things to do in Casablanca

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If you are planning a trip to Morocco you will be happy to know that there is a variety of Casablanca things to do.

Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Established in 1997 by the Foundation of Jewish Moroccan Cultural Heritage and the Jewish Community of Casablanca, the Museum of Moroccan Judaism gives insight into the history, religion and traditions of the Moroccan Jewish community.

Old Medina

This old city serves as the market district where visitors can shop for leather goods, spices and brass items. You may have to haggle over the price, but you can walk away with the perfect souvenir from Casablanca.

Hassan II Mosque

The minarets of this mosque tower over the area. The outdoor courtyard accommodates 80,000 people and the inside area can hold 25,000 people. Hassan II Mosque is the only mosque that allows non-Muslims to tour and is the second largest mosque in the world.

Agadir Beach

Shops, clubs and cafes line the white sand beaches of Agadir. Whether you work on your tan, play in the water or take advantage of a once in a lifetime camel ride on the beach, you will find something to do and to remember Agadir.

Square of Mohammed V and New Medina

Spend the day shopping in the market of New Medina. Consider having lunch or dinner in one of the many cafes of New Medina and then head over to the Square of Mohammed V which is the historical business district of Casablanca. The fountain is the center of attraction in the square. After dark, watch the fountain change in light and color.

The Boulevard de la Corniche

The Boulevard de la Corniche is a great place to visit in Casablanca. Spend the day at one of the pool clubs. Enjoy the fresh sea air as you walk along the beach, then have dinner in one of the restaurants along the boulevard.

Port of Casablanca

The Port of Casablanca is a great place to have lunch. Seafood restaurants line the port. The view is spectacular with the Hassan II Mosque in the distance. The Port of Casablanca is the largest man-made port in the world.

Parc de la Lique Arabe and the White Mosque

The largest park in Casablanca is the Parc de la Ligue Arabe and is anchored by the White Mosque and the Notre Dame de Lourdes. The park is a great place to spend the afternoon. There are several restaurants along the park, or you can pack a picnic lunch. If you have time stop by the White Mosque.

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