Shopping in Casablanca

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Casablanca is the largest city and the heart of Morocco. There are several fine shopping centers in Casablanca; once you arrive here you need to head straight toward the shopping malls. This shopping experience will leave you with a zillion stories to take home. Avoid using credit card, as you will be charged an extra service fee. 

Designer shopping and the Artisanat Fenouch

If you are interested in shopping for designer items, the Maarif neighborhood is the right place. It is located close to the twin center in Morocco. Several items ranging from leather shoes, belts, shades and bags are available at this place, American and European brands are the most popular ones here. Located near the Gard du Port, The Artisanat Fenouch is a retail paradise, where the prices are fixed and you can look around peacefully. 

Local Markets

Designer boutiques can be found all over the world and also in your own country. Having traveled so far, you should soak in the local flavors. Local markets or Souk, offer a true Moroccan experience. There are rows of small shops carrying watches, cell phones, and clothing. You name it and you will find it there. This is a great place to pick up souvenirs.    

Bargaining or Haggling

Casablanca is the right place to sharpen your haggling skills. Every product will be marked at a higher price for the tourists. Hence, remember to keep you cool and ask them to lower the price for the item that catches your eye. If you are good at bargaining, use your skills, you will be able to bring down the price by at least half.


Ancienne Medina, the old city and Nouvelle Medina, the new city, have markets that offer wide variety of local crafts. The hustle and bustle might be overwhelming but it is an experience in itself. Leather items are a big hit here also pottery. You can also buy Jellabiya, which is the traditional Arabian attire worn by both women and men. Walk around and check in different shops before buying something. Prices normally differ from shop to shop. 

Quartier Habous

Located in the New Medina is a great place to wander around and buy Arabian carpets, copper and brass goods that are handmade. Hand crafted carpets make a good addition to any room. It is the hospitality of the people in Casablanca to offer you mint tea while shopping, so enjoy the experience.

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