Festivals in Casablanca

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Casablanca festivals celebrate religion, culture and traditions, music, language and dance. Here are some of the most popular festivals.

International Festival of Video Arts (March)

Hosted by the Ben M'sik Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Hassan II University, this festival is a week-long presentation of video arts during which people from all over the world showcase their perspective on a particular theme. Spain, France, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt, Japan, Canada and the U.S. are examples of countries that participate each year in the festival.

Urban Culture on Stage (March)

This is a celebration of modern music and dance as hip hop, fusion and rap. The 2-day festival takes place at the Zafzaf Cultural Center and, although is attended mostly by young people, it is quickly catching on to groups of all ages.

Jazzblanca Festival (March)

This jazz fusion festival attracts jazz musicians and jazz lovers from around the world to Casablanca in Aprill. The Megarama Casablanca Cinema on the Corniche hosts the event.

Amazigh Theater Festival

The Amazigh Theater Festival is a celebration of theater arts, puppetry, miming, speech, music and dance held in May. Performed in Berber, the ancient language of North Africa and an important part of Moroccan culture and history, the festival gives an insightful glimpse into Berber customs.

L'Zac L'Boulevard

In May of each year L'Zac L'Boulevard, a 3-day music festival takes over the city with the explosive sounds of hip hop, metal, electro, fusion and rock. Fans from all over the world come to perform their music and celebrate.

Safi in the Heart of Casablanca (May and June)

The Safi Festival, also known as the Ceramics Festival occurs in the months of May and June during which there are exhibits of Safi pottery.

Boulevard of Young Musicians (June)

This 4-day contemporary Arabic music festival takes place in June and features young musical artists of funk, hip hop and rock. Most of the participants are young, but audiences enjoy the competitive nature of the various groups.

Rawafid Festival (July)

The Rawafid Festival promotes artists of the Moroccan diaspora and occurs in July.

Casablanca Festival

Casablanca Festival is an urban art and music celebration. The festival spans several days, usually in July, and takes place in various theaters, parks, clubs and beaches. This is an opportunity for artists, musicians and fans of art and music to converge on Casablanca.

Feast of the Throne (July 30)

This is the celebration of King Mohammed VI's 1999 accession to the Moroccan throne. On July 30 each year the King speaks to the nation and receptions and celebrations are hosted across Morocco.

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