Family Travel Ideas in Casablanca

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Casablanca is known as the land of extremes. Its rustic facade brings forward a rich heritage and treasures of history while its unassuming personality paves way for an adventurous holiday. Known as the economic heart of Morocco, Casablanca is a beautiful medley of the modern and the vintage. The Casablanca family travel guide offers visitors helpful ideas on enjoying a memorable family holiday in this exotic Moroccon town.

King Hassan II Mosque

This awe-inspiring tourist destination caters to both kids and adults who possess an inherent interest in art and architecture. Truly for art-lovers, its beautiful and intricately designed interiors  with stunning frescos prove to be its main attraction. Sharing this spot with your kids can make them appreciate art and a new cultural dimension.  


Do you want to treat your children to some burgers or grilled hot dogs?  Or perhaps, have them see a spitting image of the New Jersey shore? Then pay a visit to Corniche. With its line-up of fancy hotels and famous fast food stores along ice-cream joints and street side vendors, you can definitely treat your children to some great food and enjoy a fun-filled evening with them.

Great Shopping Finds

Casablanca is a fantastic destination for inexpensive family shopping. Bargains and sales are often treats for parents but your kids can also have fun by shopping for items that are new and very Moroccan. Buy some leather shoes, bags and other accessories along Casablanca’s line of stalls and branded shops at the market in the old town section. Get your kids those souvenir shirts at a lesser price. You can also get yourself some designer glasses or bags for less, too.

New Medina

The new town region of Casablanca was created by the French in the late 1930s to resolve housing issues in Casablanca. Today families can enjoy the beauty of the old French architectural masterpieces along with avant-garde, contemporary structures. There are several malls, a large children’s park and street-side cafes where families can watch the beauty of modern Casablanca, relaxing over a cup of coffee.

Family-friendly Eateries

Kids will love the pastries at Benis Patisserie and enjoy other famous delights like salads and kefta sandwiches. Thai Gardens is another nice, kid-friendly restaurant to satisfy the visitor’s craving for Asian delicacies like spring rolls and Pad Thai.

Casablanca has everything from family-friendly town squares and fancy cafes to interesting monuments and shopping markets for the whole clan to have an off-beat yet exciting vacation.

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