Day Trips in Casablanca

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Day trips from Casablanca will introduce you to a world of elegant villas, isolated beaches, and historic ruins.


The capital of Morocco, Rabat is an elegant place with many museums and historic monuments. Some attractions here are the Palace Museum, Chellah with its Roman ruins and the Bouknadel and its Jardins Exotiques. The city has a laid-back ambience, making it an ideal place to explore alone. The medina (older part of the city) has a well-organized layout so you’re not likely to get lost.


This peaceful town on the banks of the Oum Er-Rbia River is famous for its beautiful embroidery. If you cross over to the other side of the river, you’ll get a better view of the city walls built by the Portuguese. Another sight to watch, are the many species of birds at the mouth of the river.

El Jadida

In this 16th century coastal town built by the Portuguese, you can spend some time at the popular beach which stretches for miles, so you can easily find a solitary spot. You can also visit the Church of the Assumption built in the gothic style and its underground crypt-like cistern.


A 2000-year-old Roman settlement at the foothills of the Rif Mountains, this scenic town has the most well preserved Roman ruins in Morocco. In its hey days, Volubilis was an important town in North Africa.

You can still see some of the olive oil presses among the ruins. The towering columns of the Capitol and the grandeur of the Triumphal Arch evoke the pomp of the Roman Empire. Also worth seeing, are the Basilica and some exquisite mosaic flooring.

Ain Diab Beach

Close to the center of  Casbalanca, this beach is a popular weekend getaway for the locals. The Boulevard De la Corniche on the seafront is lined with beach clubs and cafes frequented by local celebrities and the hip crowd. Although, people do swim here, the sea is quite rough. You’ll see plenty of beach volleyball here.

Don’t forget to try the delicious and unique Moroccan pastries vendors hawk at the beach. These are cheap and resemble the Turkish baklava.

In the stylish suburbs of Anfa nearby, you can see some of the most beautiful villas in Casablanca. One of these, the House Blanca, had hosted the 1943 conference during which Churchill and Roosevelt had decided to land the army in Normandy and Sicily.

Sidi Abdel Rahman

About 2 km.away from Ain Diab, this is an area of archeological significance. A cave here is one of the oldest sites of human habitation. The artifacts excavated included a humanoid skull dating back to 500 thousand years, tools and the remains of a bear.  

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Casablanca shore excursion

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Upon arrival at Casablanca port of of call, meet your guide and driver at the pier to start your Casablanca shore excursion and visit the major landmarks & Souks of the industrial and financial capital of Morocco: - Hassan II Mosque - Ain Diab corniche - the museum of Moroccan judaism - Le Marché centrale - Place des Nations Unis - Quartier des Habouss Lunch will be offered at the legendary Rick's Café, to make you live the 1940s era when Casablanca played a major role in the second world war.

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