Budget Travel Ideas in Casablanca

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One will not find it difficult to answer Captain Renault’s (Claude Rains) question in Michael Curtiz’s glorious movie, Casablanca: “What in heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?” A city situated in western Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca is a fusion of French and Moorish influences.

It is the largest city and the chief port of Morocco. Casablanca is accountable for more than half of Morocco’s industrial and commercial businesses, which renders it  the country’s economic capital. It prides itself on splendid resources that diverge from seafood and textile to electronics and beer. It parades celebrated lines of beaches and vivid skylines under the Moroccan moonlight. These and more welcome travelers as the best is yet to be experienced in a land as rich and as stunning as Casablanca. Here is a guide to Casablanca budget travel.

Budget Sightseeing and Activities

Casablanca rewards its visitors with sightseeing wonders and activities that will make one’s stay in the city both pleasing and rewarding without spending much. At no cost, pilgrims will want to visit Casablanca’s most famous mosque, the Hassan II Mosque. It is noted that the Arab Muslims controlled Morocco in the 7th Century, during which several masterpieces of Islamic architecture were erected.

Another religious edifice is the Notre Dame of Lourdes which is no longer used as a place for worship but which still welcomes visitors for spiritual admiration. Historians and artifacts' enthusiasts find the Museum of Moroccan Judaism as a sanctuary for ancient reminiscence at a negligible entrance fee. The Royal Palace of Casablanca, a well-guarded palace that is complexly and intricately designed, is also worth viewing. After a day of exhausting sightseeing, visitors can relax and enjoy the beauty of Parc dela  Ligue Arabe, which offers a scenic view of the city.

Budget Shopping, Eating, and Entertainment

For  fun budget dining and entertainment, Casablanca visitors will find the New Medina of Casablanca along Victor Hugo Boulevard as a perfect place to enjoy a day of good food and great stores, yet with strict reverence to their budget. The plaza has long lines of fast food chains and restaurants that offer a wide array of food including chicken, beef, pasta, pizza, and seafood. It also has strings of stores that sell clothes, perfumes, books, and other items at competitive prices.

The Square of Mohammed V is another area in Casablanca that is popular among the city’s visitors for its dining and shopping. People who wish to loosen up instead of painting the town red can always visit the Les Bainz Ziana, Casablanca’s most popular spa house that offers massages at reasonable rates. Clubbers and night hitters have their place under the Moroccan sun. Complexe le Village presents several strips of bars and clubs that cater to all tastes. The city also takes pride in its most admired budget restaurants like the La Grotte Pizzeria in Rue Kamal Mohamed, Rick’s Café, Wakitori Sushi Bar, La Maison du Gourmet, La Sqala, Basmane and Al Mounia, to mention a few.

Budget Accommodation

Hotel accommodations in Casablanca vary. People on a tight budget may consider checking in to the following 3-star hotels: Maamoura Hotel, Hotel Azur, Ibis Moussafir Casablanca, Le Littoral, Atlas Airport Hotel, Hotel Adjiad, and Eastwest Hotel. The rates for these hotels range from about $56 to $130.

The exotic beauty of Casablanca can be enjoyed just as much on a modest budget as a lavish one. This is one place that has the knack of never diluting the fun, even when resources are scarce.

Contributor: Sameera Kumar

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