Beaches in Casablanca

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If you are looking for an exotic beach vacation, try none other than Morocco. Morocco may not be at the top of everyone’s list for a beach vacation but surprisingly, Morocco, and specifically the region of Casablanca, is a beautiful location to spend a holiday.

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Casablanca is during the summer months of June to August. This is the time when Morocco is hot, sunny and rain-free. If you prefer a slightly cooler beach vacation, aim to visit during the springtime. During the spring, the temperature is more likely to be around 60 degrees. In the summer months, the normal weather is around 74 degrees and higher.

Ain Diab Beach

Casablanca is known to be the major city of Morocco. The location of the city is on the Atlantic side of the ocean. Ain Diab is the main beach located in Casablanca. Just a short journey from the city center, it has many beach clubs along the front. Ain Diab is a stretch of beach that is easily over a mile long. The sea is often breezy and rough and may not be best suited for swimming. Pools along the seafront are perhaps a better option to choose when desiring to swim. The beach clubs situated on the seafront have day memberships available to buy and the hotels will let some non-residents in for a small fee.

Bouznika Beach

Aside from Ain Diab, there are a few other beaches within range of Casablanca including Bouznika, which is located between Casablanca and another nearby city, Rabat. Unlike Ain Diab, this beach still retains some of its Moroccan charm and attracts many locals and tourists alike. Bouznika beach is great for surfing activities, swimming, long walks upon a clean sandy beach, or just sunbathing and enjoying the atmosphere.

Agadir Beach

Another beach in the area is located southwest of Casablanca, in Agadir. Agadir beach is an extremely popular tourist destination as it is nestled in a crescent shaped bay that is sheltered by surrounding hills and sees over 300 sunny days a year. It’s even pleasant during winter. Spending your days here doing many types of water sports--water skiing, swimming, surfing, and windsurfing--can be enjoyable. There is also ample area for simply relaxing in a roped-off part of the beach. Agadir has become Morocco’s most popular beach destination. Discover Casablanca, Morocco’s exquisite destination for beach vacations.

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