Casablanca Travel Guide

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Morrocan, Casablanca

Morrocan, Casablanca

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Casablanca travel guide offers plenty to do and see in this region of Morocco. Casablanca is full of mystery and wonder. Travel to this region to see Arabic architecture, religious sights and shop in the square.

Things to Do

View the Arabic architecture at the Mosque of Hassan II. Easily spend a day here visiting the museum, steam baths, library, and minaret. This place of worship is open to non-Muslim visitors on guided tours. Walk through the glass flooring and gaze at the intricately carved ceilings that line this wonder.

The old medina has plenty of shopping and old French architecture. Take a stroll through this area in Casablanca during the daytime.

Where to Stay

Le Royal Meridien Mansour, located in Casablanca is about a half-mile from old medina. The style is "Old World European" with stately, elegant guest rooms. This hotel offers several high scale amenities and is situated near to the major attractions in Casablanca.

The Riad Salam Hotel is an upscale beachfront resort. It is a short drive from Casablanca’s center. The design is modern and offers amenities in the rooms that every Western traveler expects. The expansive outdoor pool provides a view of the beach.

Where to Eat

Who could go to Casablanca and not remember the famous movie that was filmed here? Rick’s Café is alive in Casablanca. The saloon featured in the film “Casablanca” has been brought to life in the old medina area of Casablanca. Fresh salads grace the menu along with grilled steak and fresh fish. Pastries are served in Rick’s Café and the bar area is full range with select wines and cocktails.

Other restaurants in the area feature the traditional Moroccan couscous at less than $10 USD. The restaurants around Rue Chaoui have inexpensive traditional couscous, fish, and meat couscous for budget conscious travelers. Upscale dining is featured at restaurants including La Maison Bleue.


Clubs and bars in Casablanca offer fun, dancing and full service bars. Jazz it up at the Armstrong Jazz Club. Nightly live bands play jazz and blues except on Sunday. Enjoy a piano bar at Mystic Garden at La Reserve or Rick’s Café in Old Medina. If you want to dance to disco and enjoy an open bar, try The Candy Bar.

La Bodega is a tavern that has a tapas bar and restaurant. The location is layered with a nightclub and dance floor downstairs. Beer is on tap and there is no admission to entry.

Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco and the biggest city, with about 5 million people. Tourists coming to Casa expect to find a romantic town, as depicted in the classic Humphrey Bogart film of the same name. They will soon be disappointed. The film was actually shot in Florida. The only thing that will remind them of the film, are the piano players in the bars of the more fancy hotels. They will play the theme from the song all night long.

The town is basically a big commercial and industrial city and its medina (market) is nothing in comparison with those of Fez or Marrakesh. If you arrive in Casa, you might consider heading north to Rabat (100 km) or south to Marrakech from the train station in the airport. However, there are some interesting sites to see in Morocco’s largest city. The biggest must see of Casa is the new Hassan II Mosque. One afternoon is generally more than enough to see all that the average traveler would want to see of Casablanca.


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