Getting There in Ait Ourir

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You may go there by bus from Marrakesh(4 per day) or taxi (everytime but not very confortable - 6 persons per car is the rule). We rather suggest an investment in a car rental from Marrakesh and have a hole benefit of it until Ouarzazate.

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Oued ZAT (river)

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Ait Ourir is crossed by Oued Zat, Zat river. Nowadays, it's nearly empty from March to December but we still its last fury (1986/87) when the bridge (called "bridge of Zat") and half of "Coq Hardy", a lovely "Auberge" falled down the river. Having a walk into that river is a unique moment. The view of salty water's effects and a good opportunity to find nice ametists should make passerby have a break there.

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