Senior Travel in Agadir

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There are numerous activities for senior travelers in the sun-dappled city of Agadir, in southern Morocco, including a stroll on the beach, a round of golf or a visit to the historical sites. Seniors should call in advance to get deals and discounts. Don’t forget the camera!

Thaghazout Beach

Agadir’s most popular beach, Thaghazout, with three miles of sandy waterfronts, is huge but never jam packed with beachgoers, and thus perfect for seniors wanting a quiet stroll or nap. Here you swim in the pristine blue waters, sunbathe or people watch. There are other beaches too, but this is the best (and safest) one within miles of the city center. Finally, accommodation on the beach is usually cheaper than staying in one of Agadir’s expensive city center hotels.

See the Birds at Agadir’s Zoo

The zoo in Agadir is a great hit with the local children. Here you can actually step inside a large cave and see an array of gorgeous birds, large and small, including hummingbirds. The zoo also features a variety of mammal life, including animals traditionally found in East Africa, such as monkeys, baboons and deer.

Get a Hamman

The hamman is a traditional Moroccan experience, and Agadir has no shortage of these bathhouses. The hamman experience usually begins with a slow, luxurious massage followed by a dip into a warm tub and a scrub down using black soap. After this process, you can shower and sit in a hot tub. For both grandparents and grandkids, everyone will enjoy this unique, relaxing Moroccan way of bathing. The great thing about hammans in Agadir is that you can go any time of day, and it’s only about $5 USD. Be sure to tip – these women work hard!

See Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud means “olive” in Berber, one of Moroccan’s local and widely-spoken languages. Located just north of Agadir, about thirty minutes away in the Atlas Mountains, this waterfall is breathtaking, to say the least. The hike to the falls is leisurely and easy for seniors. On the way, you might even see a monkey or birds! You can hire a guide from the information center in Agadir or just follow the signs.

Golf in Agadir

Go for a round of golf at Agadir’s two golf courses, and you’ll be the envy of your pals back home. Both Les Dunes and Golf du Soleil have 27 holes, as well as snack and drink stands. Prices are reasonable, and you can golf year round thanks to the country’s placid winters and cool summers.

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