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Night life in agadir is great.......only if you know where to go.

there are THREE main clubs in agadir, and all the clubs are connected with a hotel, so you will not find a club standing on its own. the THREE best ones are DREAMS, FLAMINGO,  and PAPA GAYO. you will find alot of miniture clubs and bars, but they all charge you 100 dirham (£6) to get in, so you might as well pay 100 to get into a decent club. one thing i have to tell you that the clubs are full of prostatutes, so be careful who u talk to, because they might charge u, as what happened to my friends!!!

the drinks are very very expensive, roughly about £5 for water, fizzy drinks, juices and alchohol can go upto £9 for a decent cocktail.

the music is wat the locals call "morrocon cocktail" they have RNB, hip hop, arabic, french, techno, house, spanish, latin, morrocon...basically a bit of everything, it really is very good.

clubs start at about 12:30 - 1:00am!!! so its very dont make the mistake we made and turn up at 10:30, beacuse you will be there on your own!!!!!!!

apart from clubs there are morrocon nights and belly dancing nights you can go to, which are roughly £12 but very worth it, food and real good entertainment. they last for about 3-4 hours, so you might want to think of somthing to do afterwards

the night life really is great, you just need to find the correct places! 

sadeeka khondoker xx

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