Family Travel Ideas in Agadir

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Perfect sunshine, a lovely tropical climate, beaches, quaint medinas, old Kasbahs and many other attractive and distinct features make Agadir a family-friendly getaway that combines nature and exotic culture. Here is a guide to enjoying a great family vacation in this old-fashioned Moroccan town.

Adagir Bay

The Adagir Bay is considered one of the most pristine bays on earth, and is a 10 km stretch of golden, sun-baked sand that flanks turquoise sea waters. Visitors can indulge in an action-packed coastal holiday with several activities. The beach is relatively less windy and virtually isolated, and the waves aren’t very turbulent, which makes it ideal for swimming. There are other water sports activities that are conducted in some parts of the coast and many places are great for lazy sunbathing.

Bird Valley

Children will enjoy a trip to the Bird Valley, a vast, open-air ornithological museum that showcases several species of indigenous and migratory birds that inhabit and visit the region. There are nice bits of information about the origin, habitats and quirky lifestyles of the aerials. The museum also houses an education center that conducts regular lectures on the different species.

Vallee des Oiseaux

This one’s another popular attraction for the children. The Valles des Oiseaux is a small, albeit well-stocked zoo that houses a variety of birds and animals from several regions. Some species have nice walk-in cages, where visitors can get up close and personal with them. There are a few goat-like creatures from the Atlas region, a few rare mammals and even some reptiles in a small pond. There is a small playground for kids, along with a few tiny shops selling snacks and soft drinks. Entry is free.

Quefella Kasbah

This one’s for the more historical and culturally oriented families. The Quefella Kasbah is an ancient fortress ruin nestled quietly on a rocky path winding up a narrow hill. Though not much remains of the 16th century fortress today, visitors can catch the most spectacular view of the city center, old neighborhoods, monuments and beaches of the town. There is also a nice vista of the adjoining port that is forever bustling with activity.

Though Adagir has limited sightseeing options, there are some good family-friendly attractions like the town’s beaches and heritage ruins, along with a zoo and ornithological museum.
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