Budget Travel Ideas in Agadir

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Traveling in Agadir on a budget is a relatively easy task, as there are numerous inexpensive options for lodging, food and entertainment. Situated between the Sahara desert, numerous parks and several deserted beaches, the city is a large tourist draw and can easily be enjoyed on a budget, for either a short or extended stay.

Getting around Agadir on a Budget

Traveling by petit taxi is one way to get around town, but if you are on a tight budget, the city is definitely small enough to walk most anywhere you want to go. There are buses available as well, but they are generally crowded and arrive at uneven intervals. If you are pressed for time, use a petit taxi occasionally, but otherwise budget travelers can navigate the city on foot. A petit taxi will generally run about $1 to $2 to take you to the center of town.

Attractions in Agadir on a Budget

Because Agadir is primarily known as a resort town and most tourists here spend a lot of time at the beach, there are a limited number of attractions otherwise. The beach is very nice, with very little wind, and it's quite expansive. It's not normally crowded, making it a tranquil location and budget activity to pass time on vacation.

Visit the fortress at the top of city for an adventure when in Agadir. Get there by bus for the cheapest trip, but also, even for the budget traveler there are other options. Small mopeds can be rented to take this trip for about $10 an hour. If you have the money, this is a great way to see the city from an amazing vantage point.

There is a small zoo in Agadir that is worth a visit on your trip. Featuring many exotic mammals and birds, this small zoo also features a playground where local children go to play. If you have children, this is a must-see attraction in Agadir. Entrance to the zoo is free, and with its central location across the street from the Uniprix, it is easy to get there as well.

Budget Shopping in Agadir

Though there are some fixed price shops in Agadir, making shopping easy, it is not necessarily cheap. You will find many of the same goods as in other parts of the country, as none of the handicrafts are made in Agadir region, but they will often cost significantly more. Opt to buy souvenirs elsewhere on your trip.

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