Bars and Cafes in Agadir

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An exotic mix of diverse cultures come together and exist in harmony in Agadir. Ranging from the traditional North African to the French colonialist vibe, this really is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city in which one can explore a range of gastronomic and alcoholic delights to suit all budgets and tastes.

Local Foods

A walk along the beach front showcases the many commercial style eateries and bars. Famed for their cous cous and aromatic stews, here you can sample a range of foods for all tastes. Sample a tasty traditional tagine which is a type of spicy vegetable or meat stew or perhaps a honey cake and wash it down with one of a range of local and international beverages.

Near the Port

A stroll down to the port will find you discovering the many fish restaurants and cafes preparing freshly landed seafood aplenty. Try the Boulevard of 20th August (Aout in French) and it's plethora of bars and eateries to suit all pockets. For the younger crowd the Bar Fly at the stylish Hotel Tafoukt, situated on the Boulevard (telephone (212) / (212), is a must. Situated right in the center of town, this bar which is adjacent to the hotel (which itself was revamped in 2008) hosts regular band and live music evenings. With its traditionally Moroccan lounge and regular karaoke nights, it's a place where things happen--and as such attracts both locals and tourists alike looking for a great evening out.

Traditional Moroccan Food

On a Saturday evening it is well worth checking out the Taj Mahal which is a traditionally Moroccan eatery - in spite of its somewhat misleading name! Situated in the Atlantic Palace Hotel (telephone (212) it serves up a glorious banquet style buffet in very opulent settings - a feast for both the stomach and the eyes! Belly dancers and traditional musicians entertain you as you dine  and booking in advance is recommended. Average prices here are around $50 including all beverages. This eatery would appeal to all age groups interested in soaking up both the culture and the beautiful range of local cuisine.

Do bear in mind that although Morocco is a Muslim country, alcohol of all types is freely available in the restaurants and bars of this delightful town. Also, the local bars are generally open until midnight with the clubs staying full until dawn.

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