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About Morocco

Morocco (the full Arabic name is Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah which translates into "The Western Kingdom" ) is located on the North West coast of Africa and has ports in the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third most populous Arab country.

Morocco shares the largest part of its border with Algeria to the East and Western Saharah to the South. Morocco is divided into sixteen regions Each region is further divided into provinces and prefectures. The capital of Morocco is Rabat and its largest city is Casablanca. The national Currency is the Moroccan Dirham.

Getting Here

For U.S. citizens and British citizens, passports are required for entry into Morocco, but a visa is not required for stays up to three months. Mohammed V International Airport (CMD) is the main international airport and is located in Nouasseur, which is approximately 25 km (15 miles) from Casablanca. There are also some 60 regional airports throughout the country. Royal Air Maroc is the national air carrier. For U.S. travelers, Delta and Continental offer regularly scheduled flights. From the United Kingdom and Europe, flights are offered by Air France, Easy Jet, and Ryanair into many Moroccan destinations. For domestic flights within Morocco, travelers rely upon the company called Regional Air Lines. Travelling to Morocco is also accomplished by ship with cruise lines, such as Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, offering itineraries with regular stops at Morocco’s main port in Casablanca. For more information about travel, see our flights and hotels sections.

There is certainly no shortage of great attractions in Morocco. The Country enjoys a strong sense of culture and a long and ancient history. The cool blue water flowing over the sand of the beaches is a direct contrast with the hot white sands of the desert, while the greens of fertile valleys contrast with the browns and whites of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. The country is romantic and mysterious and there is little wonder that Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa.

There is a never ending list of Moroccan attractions for the average visitor to enjoy and you will really need to do your homework to ensure that you make the most of your travels in this vast and varied country. The main starting points are the more popular cities such as Marrakech, Tangier, Fes and Casablanca. At each of these places, you will find the usual hodgepodge mixture of medinas, bazaars and riads. You will also find superb beaches and classy hotels where a hubbly-bubbly pipe may be arranged with relative ease. All these things are an essential part of the Moroccan experience and should not be missed. There are also a number of excellent attractions in Morocco that a visitor should definitely make the effort to See.


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