Surinam Travel Guide

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Surinam lies in the extreme south of Mauritius. It is next to Souillac on the other side of the delta. It has often remained in the shadow of Souillac with the latter being an administrative quarter. Surinam  is more developed and sophisticated in terms of its natural beauty where it has white sandy beaches on one side and the mountains as a backdrop on the other. It has a sunday market and its shopping, banking, and leisure facilities are good.  There are plenty of places where you can eat.

The locals are  creative and innovative and have often excelled in sports, literary and political  activities, The Luchowa brothers, Devanand, Jairaz, Suresh and Navin founded the following: Surinam National Friendship Literary Circle led by Suresh Bheekharry, Young Students Literary Circle, and Jaguar Youth Club. Alongside the Bheekharry brothers, Devanand also raised the profile of the village by winning trophies in debates and dramas and producing plays on the Mauritius National Television channel in the 1970s.

If you are visiting Mauritius, you cannot miss Surinam. You can pray at the Kalimata Temple on the property of the Luchowa Family, built by their ancestor from Islampur in Patna, Bihar. Rochester Falls, Cascade Cecil, Cascade Marrazine, and Riambel public beach are also located in Surinam.


Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: Devanand Luchowa

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