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Souillac is in the District of Savanne and has retained most of its original features. It has a botanical Garden named Charles Telfair, a museum which was the abode of one of its famous poets, Robert Edward Hart, and a  revamped hospital. One of the first sea ports of Mauritius used for merchandise transportation in the French colonial period was located at Souillac, called Port De Souillac.

Souillac was also home to the famous and popular Nightingale College run by Sewooparsad Goolab.

Rochester Falls, one of the landmarks in the South, is nearby. So is Surinam Riambel Beach, a local public beach resort.

About 40 minutes from Souillac is Rajmoon Villa, belonging to the Luchowa Family of Surinam. If you fancy a stay there please email

Submitted by Devanand Luchowa, Ex Teacher of Nightingale College, Surinam.

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How to get there?

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Transpaort facilities and roads are good. Souillac Bus station serves the following routes:

Surinam/Riambel, Chemin Grenier/Riviere Des Gallets, Bel Ombre/Baie Du Cap,

Riviere Des Anguilles/Rosebelle/Mahebourg/ Plaisance Airport, Nouvelle France/Curepipe, Port Louis/Phoenix/Reduit.

You can hire a car.  Please contact


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