Rose-Hill Travel Guide

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Rose Hill is a lovely, bustling town which boasts great food and reasonably good shopping for tourists. The 'dholl puri' which you can buy in the town centre (traditional Mauritian-style bread made from cooked and crushed yellow lentils) is amongst the best in Mauritius with a selection of sauces and pickles to choose from to go with it. It is also exceptionally cheap, too. There are always other cheap snacks you can buy and eat whilst you are on the move. In the town centre there is also a busy market ('bazaar') on some days of the week where you can buy anything from toothbrushes to clothes and other household items. There are convenient food shops in the shopping centre and numerous arts and crafts, clothes and accessories shops. The bus station is also in the centre and buses take you to Port Louis, to the beach or alsmost anywhere. They are relatively frequent too. There are some hotels in the area. The residential streets are nice and clean with lots of flowers and corner shops around. All in all, a nice place to visit for a real taste of Mauritin life.
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