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Port Louis has recently developed into a modern city that, because of its past, is as multiculturally diverse as its food; almost every nationality in the world has been there either to stay or visit while journeying to other ports.  

Keg and Marlin Pub

So, to start off an introduction to Port Louis's diverse food offerings, visit the Keg and Marlin, an English pub located at Caudan Waterfront. Try a pint of the local Mauritius beer, Phoenix, and snack on a variety of pub food. Take note, however, that prices here by the waterfront are relatively high. You're looking at spending about 115 rupees just for that pint of beer.

Shooters Pub

Shooters, one of Caudan Waterfront's most famous restaurants, is also well worth a visit. Amazing decor and great food. You have your kids with you? No problem. Shooters offers a menu just for kids. Please note that food here is pricey. But then again, the view of the Mauritian coastline might be well worth the extra rupees shelled out.


From Europe we journey on to the East. Like many cities around the world, Port Louis has its very own Chinatown district, where you will find quite a handful of restaurants to choose from. Try New Chinatown Deli, a good-sized restaurant in the district's heart. Be warned: the menu is entirely in French. But since the waiters are all pretty fluent in English, maybe that won't dampen your appetite much. And it shouldn't. This restaurant offers an extensive selection. Try their Chopsuey Crevettes, small shrimps in a tasty sauce.   

Black Steer Restaurant

Of course, if you are a not-too-adventurous tourist and desire food from your hometown, you can find restaurants with food you're more accustomed to. Do you have a taste for steak? The Black Steer Restaurant, also by the waterfront, is a steakhouse that people have been raving over for years. Delicious and familiar-tasting food that seem to have come straight from Texas kitchens.

La FLore Mauricienne

La Flore Mauricienne, another must-visit, is a restaurant opposite the parliament in the center of the city.  It was established in 1848 and is called the oldest restaurant in the city. It is a regular lunchtime haunt, with good prices.

Le Courtyard

Next is Le Courtyard, a restaurant that doesn’t subscribe to just one cuisine. They may have Japanese food one week and change to French the next. Whatever it is, it is certainly tasty. So whether you're from the United States, France, or Japan, your taste buds will feel right at home in Port Louis.

So, get ready for a gastronomic adventure. Port Louis is a savory delight you're sure to want to come back to again and again.

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