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Carol, my wife and I spent 2 weeks in Mauritius in Dec 08. Carol & myself had been there 3 already but always opted for ¾ Star Hotels. As this time, it was a late decision to book into any hotel falling in our budget. We got suggested this new tourist complex in Pereybere by a friend working in Mauritius. Sceptical at first coz of the price 35€ per studio/night (peak period rate other it start from 25€ to 30€) , we were expecting scummy but we were pleasant surprised to see the place. We were picked by a 4x4 by a very pleasant and talkative driver for U$D 45.

Located in small street some 200 metres off Pereybere Beach, the California Studios just opened its door, we were among their first customers . The place is owned and managed by 2 brothers who run the whole business, everybody working there is somehow related. Firstly, it was much appreciated that they did not see “different” (we are a black couple) and we were really pampered. Despite having been to Mauritius several times, this was the first time, we learnt about Mauritians and their way of life (they are really magnificent and hospitable person who would really go of the way to help).

Coming back to the hotel, each studio has every thing that a self-catering unit requires including Microwave and A/C. The rooms are rather small but incredibly neat and tidy. Linens, Towels and beddings are changed every 2 days. The exterior is paved and the small pool is very well kept.

Shopping is not a problem, there is a café some 100 m away and a huge shopping centre some 5 mins in Grand Bay. Food (Raw) bought from the locals and supermarkets is very much affordable. Rs. 300/400 (10-15 U$D) should suffice for a couple for a whole day. Some days we ate at the complex, they serve meal on a Room Service Basis. The prices are as follows: Breakfast @ 4€ ,Light Lunch @ 5€ ,Standard Lunch @ 7€ ,3Course Diner @ 8€ per person. The local food comprises of Chinese, Creoles and Indo-Mauritian cuisine. I must say we took several meals from them, but their Curries especially their Prawn curry will remain on my mind for long.

Despite having to walk 10 mins to get to the beach.Moving around in Mauritius is simple, the public transport is reliable and pretty cheap, days we wanted to go out for whole sight seeing, this was organised by the owners . We were joined by another couple whom we befriended there itself . We shared the cost of 40U$D for the cab and paid 6 U$D for a Light lunch, thus the cost per person amounted to 16U$D !!

Anyway, the best part of my experience is that, I spent so less this time on food and lodging, that I could afford to bring some gifts even for my grumpy mother-in-law !! I would definitely recommend the California Studios to any body who wants to see the real Mauritius and its people. Despite craps about security in Mauritius, all we was that we took the basic precaution and we must admit that we had a ball there. We are really looking forward to be back there this Dec.

Unique Qualities: The place is absolutely neat and tidy. Clean Pool. Tidy Yard. Very good home cooked food (food is prepared by the owners at their house). Good natured & welcoming owners and staff. Being family business, they really make sure that each customer is pampered for them to come.( You should not be surprised to get invited by the owner to have a few shots with him).

Theme: Pension/Guesthouse
Comparison: about average
Prices: US$20-40  
Phone: +230 255 7001
Address: California Studios, Avenue Les Flammands, Pereybere, Mauritius
Directions: About 1.5 Km from the Grand Bay City Centre towards Cap Malheureux

type:Sleep Cheap
World66 rating: Rate now:
accessibility:Very Easy
tel:+230 255 7001
CostOfDoubleForANight:30-35 U$D
address:Ave Les Flammands, PEREYBERE, Mauritius

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