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Trekking in Mauritania desert

Trekking in Mauritania desert


Trips and vacations in Mauritania
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welcome to Mauritania

Welcome to a unique and fantastic world, welcome to Mauritania, and welcome to the most beautiful desert in Africa with its charming oases

Welcome to the history and the civilization and the historic ancient cities with its special architecture and its libraries which are full of ancient manuscripts

Welcome to the enjoyable charming nature with its unique diversity, where it includes the deserts, the mountains, the valleys and the ocean in a beautiful and charming mixture

Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean beach where the water the beautiful white sand, charming islands and resorts, full of thousands of migrating water fowls

Welcome to Mauritania the country of generosity and hospitality

Come and discover the wonders of Mauritania  and senegal and its bright magic, enjoy yourself with an exciting trip in unique atmospheres

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