Mopti Travel Guide

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Boats on the Niger, near Mopti

Boats on the Niger, near Mopti


Mopti is about halfway from Bamako to Timbuktu. The city is spread over three islands and sits at the junction of the Niger River and the Bani River. The city is mostly inhabited by Fulani traders. This makes Mopti an interesting market town where various tribes go to trade for fish and salt. Vendors sell cloth, leather goods, masks, jewellery, amber and intricately woven Fulani wedding blankets.

Mopti is an excellent base to start a trip to Dogon Country a must see on your Mali trip. To go to Timbuktu it is also a necessary stop to plan your trip.

It may seem like Mopti is nothing but a stopover to these places, but this impression is wrong. Mopti is a pleasant, very lively place. It also has good options for eating out and even for nightlife. It is basically a nice place to enjoy yourself for a few days in a beautiful surrounding.   It is, however, a haven for mosquitoes.

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