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accommodation in Dogon Country

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Auberge Guinna Dogon - NENI

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The AUBERGE GUINNA DOGON is located in Neni, a small Village, near Banani, at the foot of Bandiagarra Cliff. Here guests will enjoy a basic but clean and friendly B&B, run by an African family, with the help of a French local photographer & Guide, who also resides in the village with his wife and child. While staying at the Auberge GUINNA DOGON Guests also have the opportunity to engage in several activities and to immerge in the African life, from fetching water with the children to visiting the Smith’s or Tailor’s workshop or spend time under the Toguna with the more..

type:Sleep Cheap
World66 rating:[rate it]
CostOfDoubleForANight:USD 30
address:Village de Neni, Commune de Sangha, Cercle de Bandiagara, Region de Mopti, Republique du Mali

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