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The ever busy road into Djenne

The ever busy road into Djenne


Djenne is about 15 km from the main Bamako to Mopti road. The easiest way to get there is by using your own transport, but if you are relying on public transport, read the following:

From Bamako
If you arrive by bus, you need to get off at the junction, and wait (hope?) for someone to give you a lift into Djenne. On marketdays (monday) this is not so much a problem, on any other day there is astonishingly little transport into Djenne (or on the Mopti-Bamako road for that matter); you may have to wait a while for a car to pass.

From Mopti
There is plenty of transport to Djenne on marketdays, but only a few taxi brousses on other days. They leave for Djenne in the morning, and return the same afternoon. When the river is high enough, it is also possible to go to Djenne by pinasse.

About halfway the road to Djenne you have to use a ferry to cross a river. There may be a long wait.

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Getting there from Bamako in 6 hours (like the site says) is next to impossible, unless you have your own, very fast, car. From Mopti it is about one hour, but on market days you may want to add another hour waiting for a taxi and for the ferry into Djenné.

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