Getting Around in Bamako

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There are a couple of different Bamako transportation options you can choose from when in the city. Below are the most recommended ones:


Taxi is the most common option for traveling around Bamako. All taxis are painted in yellow. They are old and rusty, but you don’t really have a better alternative. There are two types of taxis: ones with a taxi sign on top and ones without a sign. The ones without signs are private and service only you, while the others offer shared service, so it’s not an unusual thing for their drivers to pick up other passengers along the way. Be aware that the majority of taxi drivers speak only French, so you may experience serious difficulties communicating in English. It is also good to know that the taxi rates double at night.


The public transport in Bamako is supplied by a number of green minibuses called Dourounis. Again, they are in bad technical condition. The Dourounis function a lot like shared taxis, with the only difference being that they have predefined routes. They get a bit overcrowded and aren’t generally very safe at night--not only because of the people, but because the streets lack decent lighting. Many of the minibuses have damaged lights as well. Keep that in mind to avoid accidents.

Car Rental

Car rental is possible in Bamako as well, but don’t expect too much--you won’t likely get a vehicle that's any better than the regular taxis. A good thing is that most rented cars come with local drivers.

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