Day Trips in Bamako

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Bamako is nestled prettily on the banks of the Nigel River and is the fastest progressing city in Africa. The Bamako - Day Trips Intro gives visitors information on the best day trip ideas from this commercial as well as quaint Mali Capital.

Dogon Country

For a dash of real and exotic African cultural grandeur, visit the enchanting Dogon country, where a host of tribes inhabit rustically charming stone and mud houses that are built on the edge of the cliffs. The animalist traditions and rituals of the Dogans are worth witnessing. The rudimentary yet ingenious cultivation techniques and fascinating mask dances of the tribes are also a must see. Visitors can trek in Bankass and visit other surrounding villages that are equally rich storehouses of ancient tribal culture that has endured its legacy despite other more modern and overpowering influences.


Djenne is on the acclaimed list of the World Heritage Sites compiled by the United Nations for its magnificent ancient architecture and exquisite Islamic landscape. The region houses the largest mud monument in the world and is one of the oldest cities in the continent. Visit the celebrated town mosque, the great Virgin Tomb and several other edifices that whisper conspicuous accounts of Djenne’s fine tryst with art, architecture and history. The Cornic School in the region is also worth visiting to see the exceptional learning methods incorporated into the education system of Djenne.


Timbaktu has become synonymous with a faraway land that can never be reached and is a super day trip idea from Bamako. Visit the Baba Ahmed Institute for viewing ancient Islamic manuscripts and Rene Caille to pick up fabulous pieces of local handicrafts and to experience the work of some of the finest artists in the region. The old fashioned albeit adroitly built houses at Gordan Laing, Mongo Park and Rene Caile are a good visit. Visitors can trek the vast desert on a camel back for a firsthand account of the intimidating African topography.


Mopti is aptly referred to as the ‘Venice of Mali’ and has an exceptional diversity of ethnic tribes inhabiting it. Visit the popular condiment market and an ancient mosque built in 1936. The handicraft center is also a nice place to pick up relics of Malian culture.

Bamako is encircled by several regions of rich African tribal culture and a stunning desert landscape, which provide perfect day trip options.

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